How to Reduce LTL Shipping Costs

Shipping cost

There are several ways that you can reduce LTL shipping costs. For instance, you should make sure that you enter the right address on your Bill of Lading (BOL). That will help you to avoid address correction fees, reconsignment fees, and attempt fees. Plus, it will also ensure that your items will arrive on time. That can help your company to increase your reputation as a trustworthy business when shipping from U.S. to Canada.

Look at the Measurement and Weight

The rate that your company will get depends on the weight, dimensions, and the pallet count. If the weight on the Bill of Lading is not correct, then the product will have to get weighed again. The shipper will reclassify it, and that will result in a charge that will be anywhere from $25 to $500.

Determine the Location

When working with cross border shipping services, determine if the location you are sending the package to is a residential area. You might end a liftgate when it comes to loading or unloading the freight. If you do not do this, then you might need to pay a redelivery fee. That can be anywhere from $100 to $500, plus a liftgate fee for around $200 to $250.

Confirm Your Class of Freight

When shipping from U.S. to Canada, the freight class will depend on several different factors. These include liability, density, and ease of handling. If you do not classify this properly on your Bill of Lading, then you might need to pay some reclassification fees of around $25 to $500.

Prepare the Pallet Properly

If you are sending refrigerated or fragile products, then you might need to secure them more extensively. Or you might need to get a special trailer to deliver them in. If you do not do this, then you might need to pay for damages or order cancellations. Plus, your customers may not be happy, and you will have to pay for a return.

When it comes to preparing your LTL pallets, international shipping companies in Canada should use the right methods to prevent any damage. If you do not pack them properly and wrap and stack them, then your products may end up being very damaged. In some cases, this can result in a total loss for you.

About Dangerous Goods

If you are shipping something potentially hazardous, then you should research the steps for shipping them. That way, you can better avoid having extra costs. Plus, you will ensure that everyone involved stays safe. If you do not comply, then you may have fines.

Choose International Shipping Companies in Canada

If you are shipping from U.S. to Canada, you need to work with the right company. Contact ShipCanada Inc. today to learn more about our cross border shipping services.

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