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ShipCanada™ processes more quote requests across more shipping lane combinations than any other Canadian logistics company.   Whether you are shipping Parcel, LTL freight, or Flatbed freight....We have you covered!

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We know our customers are busy and on the move.   ShipCanada makes managing your shipment easy by giving you the ability to manage your shipment on your desktop or mobile device.

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Once you print 3 copies of the shipping label (or bill of lading); affix one to the shipment, give one to the driver upon pickup & keep one for yourself.   Once your shipment is in transit your logistics coordinator will provide you with tracking so you can keep an eye on your shipment until final delivery.

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Choosing the right carrier can mean all the difference

In today's fast paced economy, your choice of shipping company is a critical component to your overall business strategy.   From regular LTL freight services to specilizes cargo, we are a mutli-fauceted solution that can services ranging from shipping across Canada to international logistics.

Whether you're shipping Canada or dealing with more complex international shipping, we manage your shipments from start to finish and we ensure that you and your customers are informed of all details relating to your shipment.   Our extended logistics network brings together shipping companies throughout North America so your freight is always handled by best-in-class service providers.

Call one of our experienced freight transportation specialists with any questions regarding your shipment.   We look forward to the opportunity to be the shipping company that serves you and your customers.  Our Customer Service Line is: 1-289-813-4024.

ShipCanada™ Ground Shipping Services

Economy LTL (Less than Truckload)

This is LTL freight [Less Than 10' for 5 pallet spots] and under 5000 lbs. that will be moved via terminal service to its final destination
This freight must be on pallets and can move between business or residential locations. Economy LTL Pallet

Expedited LTL

This is LTL freight less that [18] pallets than will typically pickup and deliver on the same truck.
Expedited freight delivers faster with lower incidents for damage than economy LTL freight. The maximium weight for Expedited LTL is approximately 30,000 lbs. Economy LTL Pallet

Parcel & Package Shipments

These are shipment that are less than 150 lbs. and have a girth less than 165"
To calulate girth take (2*Width) + (2*Height) + Length. Parcels also must be encased in cardboard or they will incur a handling fee. Economy LTL Pallet

Flatbed / Open Deck Service

Any freight that is not suitable for an enclosed trailer generally moves via some form of Flatbed trailer configuration.
This is most common for large machinery, lumber, construction materials and steel product. Economy LTL Pallet

Canada & USA We cover all points

Our network offers daily Service To and From most North American Cities.

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You can also feel free to visit our online Shipping School for help with terminology and definitions. Our agents are equipped to assist you with all aspects of the shipping process. Once your shipment is is in transit you can also track the customs clearance status by visiting our customs portal and locating the appropriate customs broker.

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