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Shipping in Canada with regular and expedited service

Shipping freight to or from Canada is similar to shipping freight from one province/state to another. While each jurisdiction in the U.S. and in Canada has its own rules, the minor differences are not significant for most shippers.

An important fact however, is that each commercial shipment that crosses an international border must be represented by a certified customs broker.

Customs Brokers generally never actually see the freight, however, they record and submit the details of each shipment to the appropriate government authorities. Most Canadian companies who do business with U.S. firms already have a customs broker representing them when they ship to the U.S. Furthermore, when these Canadian companies import freight from the U.S. they often use their preferred Customs Broker.

If you are a U.S. company shipping to Canada you must know which customs broker will be representing your shipment. 95% of the time (unless you are a regular shipper to Canada) it will be the customs broker your Canadian customer has in place.

Shipcanada will take care of everything else! A ShipCanada representative will call you to confirm any details and if you like will call you to confirm delivery.

Shipping Docs. Downloadable

These links connect you to the most common shipping documents.

Commercial Invoice
For All Cross-Border Shipments

A commercial invoice is the basic document from which the buyer or importer pays the vendor or exporter. On import shipments, the commercial invoice generally serves a dual purpose: to enable the exporter to collect his/her money and to assist the importer in clearing the goods through customs.

Bill Of Lading
To Accompany all Shipments

The bill of lading is a document, issued to a shipper/exporter by a carrier or trucking company, that describes the goods to be shipped, acknowledges their receipt and states the terms of the contract for their carriage.

Certificate of Origin
Nafta Certification

The North American Free Trade Agreement is a preferential tariff program, which allows zero or decreased duty for products that qualify under the provisions of the agreement. Not all goods crossing the U.S.-Canada border qualify for NAFTA treatment.

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