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Driver is en-route: On the day of your shipment the driver will try to arrive before 4:00 pm to pick up your shipment.   Due to the number of stops the trucks make, the driver will rarely call ahead prior to pickup.

Have your shipment ready: Please have your pallet(s) or boxe(s) ready to go with your bill of lading or shipping label(s) attached.   The driver will sign your copy (if a bill of lading) or will scan the shipping lables if a package shipment.

Tracking your shipment: Tracking for your shipment (for LTL) will only begin after the freight arrives at the terminal.   Parcel tracking is generally available within 8 hours after pickup.   If your shipment is not standard LTL your booking agent will provide tracking data as it becomes available.

Questions? Your shipment will be monitored by our agents until final delivery.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your logisdtics coordinator by email or phone.

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