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Shipment Type: Is your shipment Personal Goods, LTL, Flatbed or another type of load?

Postal Codes: Where is it coming from and going to?   We will need valid postal codes for the pickup and delivery locations.

Location Type: Are we picking up from a home or a business?   If it's a business - does it have loading docks?   If no loading docks is there a forklift?   This helps us determine what type of truck to send.

Shipment Packaging: Is this shipment in one or more boxes?   Is it on a pallet?   What is the total weight of the shipment?   If shipping boxes we recommend double-corrugated boxes.   The maximium weight for a box is 140 lbs.   shipments exceeding this weight must be shipped on a pallet.   Maximum size (girth) for a box shipment is 160.
To calculate girth: (2*Height)+(2*Width)+Length.

Personal Goods Personal goods shipping on a pallet can only be shipped domestically.

We always say "if it's worth shipping - It's worth shipping right."   Everyday ShipCanada ships all types of cargo all over North America.   We want your shipment to go perfectly and providing us with any requested details will help us acheive just that.

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