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At ShipCanada, getting rates for shipments is simple and fast.  Each quotation request is responded to immediately and all freight quotes are valid for one year from the date quoted.  There are two options for obtaining and managing your ShipCanada quotes.


Option 1

For a fast shipping rates in Canada that will be responded to by email, simply click the "Quick Quote" form on the home page and click submit.  You can also feel free to call one of our rating analysts at: 1-888-308-4872.

Option 2

To obtain and manage all of your freight quotes in ShipCanada's easy to use online interface simply click the Quote Manager button on the home page, complete the account details and proceed to the quoting module.

Required Details
The most important information requested when processing a freight quote is:

  • Freight Origin and Destination
  • Freight Dimensions Length x Width x Height
  • Freight Weight
  • Any Special requirements i.e. Tailgate or Temp. Control Service

Total Coverage
All North American Points

Each Trucking Company representing specializes in specific geographic areas within North America. While obtaining the best ltl shipping rates is a primary objective for most shippers, there are other considerations which must be taken into account especially when shipping LTL freight. All Shipping rates are valid 30 days from the date of quotation and subject to carrier availability.

Rate Confidence
When are quotes subject to adjustment?

One of the most common instances where shipping rates are subject to change are when freight dimensions exceed what was originally quoted. Another common scenario which changes the shipping costs in Canada & USA is the use of a tailgate for loading and unloading.

Accurately measuring freight and anticipating various loading/unloading situations will most likely prevent unnecessary charges.

Inacurrate Dimensions


Total Weight Adjustment


Tailgate Services


Other Accessorials


Canada & USA We cover all points

Our network offers daily Service To and From most North American Cities.

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Daily Pickup Points

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Nova Scotia Newfoundland Ontario Quebec Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan.

Mobile Quote Technology

Shipping Made Convenient

You can also feel free to visit our online Shipping School for help with terminology and definitions. Our agents are equipped to assist you with all aspects of the shipping process. Once your shipment is in transit you can also track the customs clearance status by visiting our customs portal and locating the appropriate customs broker.

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We believe that by harnessing the power of volume & technology we can lower the overall costs for all shippers.

Whether your company is a large multinational shipper or a small to medium size enterprise, can give you the competitive edge in your supply and distribution chain. Call us today to discuss how we can move your company towards lower freight rates.

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