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So how do some carriers achieve more reliable LTL volumes?
It might be more about "How" they price - not "What" they price.

Grow your LTL business by establishing "hundredweight" or "Centumweight" (CWT) pricing on the specific lanes you serve with ShipCanada™

What do we mean?

Most small to medium sized carriers use an LTL rating system that looks like the example below:

FROM CITY TO CITY 1 Pallet 2 Pallets 3 Pallets 4 Pallets 5 Pallets 6 Pallets
Toronto, ON London, ON $150 $175 $200 $225 $250 $275

Large LTL carriers prefer "CWT" or "Centum Weight" rating systems that looks like this:

FROM CITY TO CITY MIN L5S 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Toronto, ON London, ON 150.00 23.56 20.5 14.39 11.33 9.43 7.22

*ShipCanada will handle converting your pallet rates

Why should you add this type of rating?

Most complex dispatch systems (like ShipCanada's) cannot accept basic "pallet rates".   we need to have the rates broken out into CWT pricing.   Once this is done and you are in our system your rates will instantly start appearing on applicable freight.

How will you benefit?

Once ShipCanada converts your "pallet" rates into "CWT" rates we can upload them into the ShipCanada TMS where we will see your rates everytime we have a shipment in that particular lane.

How does billing work?

Nothing changes with regards to billing & payment.   When you receive a load confirmation from ShipCanada it will have the exact rate - based on our negotiated agreement with you.   If the freight turns out to be "larger" or "heavier" you can bill higher according to the rate agreement (we will need confirmation of the increase in weight/dimension).

What about truck availability?

All rates are subject to equipment availability.   We will always confirm you have availability before sending a dispatch.

How do you get started?

1. Identify which shipping lane(s) you want to grow.   Which lane(s) do you have the most availability on?

2. Decide ideally what you need for 1-5 pallets (using basic pallet rates).

3. Decide if rates apply in "both" directions.

4. Email your rates to:  

We will evaluate your rates and contact you within 48 hours.

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