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Here are 5 Rules that can make all the difference
in getting your shipment on time and in good shape.

1. Determine if you are shipping "Courier Packages" or "Pallet Freight".   Increasingly, businesses and individuals are purchasing and shipping goods from the US to import to Canada.   When shipments become larger than "courier size" many people find the complexities of shipping to be overwhelming.  Specifically, when shipments have a girth larger than 165" (freight) then commercial transport via truck is required.

2. If your shipment is considered "freight" the use of a professional customs broker will be required to manage the clearance across the border.  ShipCanada works with a network of customs brokerages representing clients at every major border crossing in Canada.   We pickup from all points in the U.S. and deliver to all points within Canada.

3. Obtain all necessary documents from the U.S. Shipper. At a minimum, the shipper will need to provide a commercial invoice outlining the value of the sale as well as an accurate description of the goods being moved.  The shipper may also need to provide additional documents such as a NAFTA certificate or Food & Drug inspection documents.

4. If you are shipping freight from US to Canada, determine the freight "class". In the U.S. all freight has an associated "class" which the carrier will use to determine to appropriate freight rate.   Understanding the freight class will help you select the right shipping company which can help avoid costly billing adjustments.

5. While Shipping from US to Canada, ensure your carrier partner has the correct contact information for you and your customs broker.   The most costly delays in cross-border transport happen when the cargo is stuck for any period of time at the border.   If the carrier is trying to reach you or your customs agent in the middle of the night for additional information you must to be available or that truck will not be permitted to continue across the border.

For more information on shipping from US to Canada call one of our experienced freight transportation specialists with any questions regarding your shipment.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your customers. Our Customer Service Line is: 1-289-813-4024.

Canadian Service Options

Less than Truckload

We provide both economy and expedited LTL service to and from all points in Canada and the U.S.
Our service capabilities also include residential shipping company services.

Full Truckload Service

Our network of FTL service provider provide a wide range of capacity consisting
of 53' Dry Vans, Temp. Control Units and Logistics Trailer.

AIR & Expedited Shipments

When it has to get there with out exception
ShipCanada can expedite your shipment by Air or Truck

Flatbed / Specialized Trucking

ShipCanada is well known for our Flatbed and Specialized
service capabilities.  Ask for our flatbed department

Canada & USA We cover all points

Our network offers daily Service To and From most North American Cities.

Canada Freight Quotations

Daily Pickup Points

Alberta British Columbia Manitoba New Brunswick Nova Scotia Newfoundland Ontario Quebec Prince Edward Island Saskatchewan.

Mobile Quote Technology

Shipping Made Convenient

You can also feel free to visit our online Shipping School for help with terminology and definitions. Our agents are equipped to assist you with all aspects of the shipping process. Once your shipment is in transit you can also track the customs clearance status by visiting our customs portal and locating the appropriate customs broker.

What We Can We Offer You?
One Stop - For All Services Types

Our people are logistics professionals with a passion for service

Competitive Rates
On all freight types offers the most competitive rates for LTL freight to & from any point within North America. Our commitment is to consistently look for ways to give our clients a competitive advantage.

Award Winning Service
Nationally Recognized

ShipCanada is backed by a team of professionals experienced in dealing with all areas of freight transportation. We are available by phone or email to resolve any issues.

Credit Card / Invoice Billing
Convenience for your business

We accept all major credit cards for initial transactions. For accounts who prefer to pay by invoice, we can quickly set up credit terms up to 30 days.

Real-Time Tracking
From Pickup to Delivery

Our TMS technology is interfaced with our carriers via EDI and API technology. When you track a shipment through the Equitrans TMS, you are getting real-time data straight from the carriers.

TMS Technology
Robust Rating Platform

Our transportation management system puts shippers in control giving them access to all of our carriers at the click of a mouse. Search rates, dispatch loads & track your shipments all from one screen.

Electronic Documents
Convenience & Speed

When you book a load in the Equitrans TMS, your shipping documents are automatically created for you. Our system saves you time by preparing bills of lading and packing slips.