Completing Form 3299

Your declaration for shipping unaccompanied goods to the U.S.A

Note: You will still require a commercial Invoice (We make for you) that will detail th value of the goods with a general description. & This is in addition to the form 3299.

U.S. Customs Form 3299, also known as the Declaration for Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles, is a document used for shipping personal belongings, household goods, and other unaccompanied articles into the United States.   It is required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency for individuals who are relocating to the United States or returning U.S. residents who have been living abroad.   Submitting an accurately completed Form 3299 is crucial for a smooth customs clearance process and to comply with U.S. import regulations when shipping goods into the United States.
The purpose of Form 3299 is to declare the contents of the shipment and provide information regarding the owner or importer of the goods.   It helps CBP assess the items being imported, determine any duty or tax obligations, and ensure compliance with import regulations.

When completing Form 3299, the following information is typically required:

1. Personal information: The form will request details about the shipper and recipient, including full name, address, contact information, and social security number or tax identification number.

2. Shipment details: A detailed inventory of the goods being shipped should be provided. This includes descriptions, quantities, values, and the country of origin for each item. It is important to accurately describe the goods to facilitate the customs clearance process.

3. Proof of ownership: Supporting documentation such as purchase receipts, invoices, or any other evidence of ownership should be provided for the items being shipped. This helps demonstrate that the goods are personal belongings and not intended for commercial purposes.

4. Statements and signatures: The form includes statements and certifications that the information provided is true and accurate. It also requires the signature of the shipper or their authorized representative.

It's important to note that additional documentation and requirements may vary depending on the nature of the shipment, such as whether it is a temporary importation or a permanent relocation. It is recommended to consult the CBP website for specific guidance and up-to-date information regarding the completion of Form 3299.

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